Day 42 - Sephardic Megedarra with Garlicky brown rice Pilaf

Sephardic Mejjedara with Garlicky brown rice Pilaf by Creamtea


  1. This is blasphemy as far as Mujadarra and its magical taste goes.
    I have had this.. it is good.
    But you MUST try the real deal...
    Do you have American Masala? In that I share the very authentic Lebanese version, and it is exceptional.
    The key is to BROWN (almost blacken) the onions till they are crispy, shimmery and almost getting ashen, and then add water, to make the onions into a wonderful dark, rich and sweet stock for the rice and lentils to cook in.
    The garlic comes from labne with garlic and dill... and the other condiments you can add to the meal.
    Sorry to suggest something different.... I am horrible with my honesty. My BIGGEST failure. Makes me an unpopular man. But one that sleeps in peace.
    I am a HUGE fan of yours. LOVE everything you do. So proud to know you.


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