Day 48 - Suvir Saran's Farmhouse Crispy Creamy Potatoes

Farmhouse crispy creamy potatoes


  1. Oooh Niv! the herbs are just calling out and heavenly roasted potatoes! It will be nice if you add one long shot so the pan is showing too!

    1. I would have, except that the cast iron pan has a wooden handle that I detach before using in the oven at high temps.

  2. Hi, although I do agree with Lata's suggestion, this makes for a nice close-up composition as well. Lovely colors, nothing too saturated and details in the garlic pod. Nice. The long shot can always be a second option to assist the first.

  3. Nice shot, showing the details of the roasted potatoes and garlic. I agree that showing a bit of the pan would ahve been nice. You could have done a 1/2 or 3/4 shot of the pan, showing the edge perhaps.....
    Thanks for joining me.


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