Day 26 - Mixed fruit smoothie (smoothies)

Smoothies for me personally never involve recipes with specified quantities. Its always been combine a certain set of fruits (yogurt optional), a splash of citrus and thats it. If it tastes great, I make a note of what exactly went into the drink before I forget and I go back to that list when the craving strikes!

This particular smoothie is made up of about 1 cup cherries, 3 cups of cubed watermelon (you can freeze these ahead of time and add it directly to the blender) , 1/2 a cucumber and a cup of frozen pineapple (which doubles up as ice). Once the fruits have been blended together, squeeze in the juice of 1/2 a lemon or lime, and pour out into a tall glass.


  1. Squeeze in the juice of ..what?
    Did u mean lemon or melon?

  2. AAARGH.. Lemon Or lime, thanks for pointing it out!


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