Day 5 - Cayenne Crusted Eggplants (Cookbook picks)

Cayenne Crusted Eggplants

Cayenne Crusted Eggplants (From Raghavan Iyer's Book 'Indian Cooking Unfolded)

In terms of  culinary authors, I cannot think of a better start to this category  than Raghavan Iyer. His books are by far some of the best investments I've made in terms of understanding my own native cuisine. A true teacher, each and everyone of his recipes introduces nuances and insights about the dish, while simultaneously making it sound so simple and uncomplicated without dumbing down the rich culture behind Indian Cooking.
I had made this dish as soon as I got my copy of Indian Cooking Unfolded from Amazon. The only Eggplant I had on hand was the orange Turkish variety, which worked splendidly for the recipe. & Yes, I subbed the almond slivers with 1/2 a cup of Uncle Bobs Almond meal.

Here's a link to the recipe:


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