Day 6 - Torcettini di St. Vincent (Cookies)

Jan 6: Torcettini di St Vincent
So what is a Torcettini? Its believed that the cookie originated as a variation of the classic Italian breadstick, the Grissini. A baker in Valle d'Aosta had some leftover butter that he decided to incorporate into  his last batch of dough,shaped it into a twist, and rolled it in sugar to differentiate it from the regular bread sticks & voila, the torcettini was born. The cookies probably soared in popularity when Queen Margaret, the wife of King Umberto of Savoy, loved these so much that she directed her kitchen staff to always keep an abundant supply of the ingredients to make this whenever she wanted.This recipe is adapted from Nick Maglieri's book, 'A Bakers Tour'.

Heres the link to the Recipe:


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