Day 142 - 'Sev Batata Tortilla chips'

Sev Batata Puri is a popular street food in Mumbai, deep fried disks of crispy savory dough piled high with mashed potatoes, onions and boiled whole mung beans topped up with  savory green mint chutney and sweet-sour tamarind date chutney and finally garnished with a sprinkling of 'Sev', a deep fried chickpea batter extruded to a fine angel hair width.

My gluten free version of this delightful appetizer was a mix of mung, Beluga Lentils and mashed potato piled up high on Yellow corn tortilla chips, a dab of the savory mint  & the sweet tamarind chutney and a fine sprinkling of Sev. I simply could not WAIT to finish clicking the photographs before I tore into this very portion.


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