Day 160 - Paani Puri (gol guppa / Puchka)

This has to be the proverbial Rock star of all Indian street foods. There are plenty of disgusting jokes that accompany this particular dish ('the dirtier the vendor, the tastier the dish', and so on..), but even with the sanitized UV filtered water version, Its a delightful surprise with each bite. For one, the whole golf ball sized puff has to be popped into the mouth with one bite, Its pointless to bite off half.
The center is filled with a chilled mint/cilantro water, which gushes out along with a drizzle of thick tamarind date chutney. Once the liquids have glided down your throat, it leaves behind a mix of lentils and potatoes that are chewed up & swallowed in haste before the next piece is dropped on your plate.
Recipe to be posted in due course!


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