Day 172 - Grilled Shishito Peppers

If you're ever in the mood to 'appear' (with full emphasis on the appearance bit)  really brave, like those adventurers who make a career out of chomping down a plate of Ghost chili peppers and live to tell the tale, Shishito / padron peppers are your new best friend. These are like the proverbial king snakes of the pepper world, they look vicious like their capsaicin enriched cousins, but one bite, and its like eating a midget bell pepper.

If you get your hands on these, all you need to do is to drizzle them with a bit of oil and roast them on a really hot  cast iron skilled until they blister. then transfer onto a plate and sprinkle some sea salt and a drizzle of lime.
Beware.. once ina  while say between 15 no heat peppers, these chilies like to throw you a curve ball of one really hot specimen. Talk about a delicious edible version of Russian roulette!


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