Day 249 - Harissa and Dried lime spiced Poha.

I'm BACK! After a hiatus of 42 days, (I admit, I took my own sweet time to get back my mojo for cooking) although I did have plenty of dishes photographed and set aside. There is something refreshing in creating new dishes and posting them ASAP isn't it?

Today's dish is a tweaked version of the classic Kanda Batata Poha, a Maharashtrian staple. Instead of adding the traditional 'Goda' Masala, I used Harissa and tossed in some dried crushed Omani lime as well. A Mint Garnish seemed to be so much more in sync rather tan the traditional Cilantro. Served up in a dish from Urban Dazzle. I won this serving dish as a prize for my winning cocktail entry, the Deadly Desi Martini (Day 207).


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