Jan 11 - Fire roasted shishito peppers

One doesn't really associate green chili peppers with Japanese cuisine (the general stereotypical association with Japanese food is horseradish or ginger) but Shishito peppers are local to the far East. The tip has a tri lobed appearance that is likened to a lion's face and hence the Japanese name for it - Shishito.

I like these roasted over an open flame, or blistered in a hot cast iron pan with a bit of oil and sea salt. Once the blistered peppers are transferred to a plate, then you're free to season it with whatever you choose. My favorite way is with Chaat Masala, a spritz of lime and a piping hot mug of spiced Masala Chai.

A mild cousin of this variety is savored similarly in Spain. - The Padron Pepper. In India, look for Padron peppers by asking for Bhavnagri Mirchi, a close variant. Its stuffed with spiced  potatoes, chickpea flour and served deep fried.

Bhavnagri Chilies (green peppers at center), a relative of the Padron Pepper for sale
 at a Vegetable Market in Chembur, Mumbai.


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