Jan 12 - Four Citrus salad

Sometimes the simplest of ingredients can be whipped up into spectacular  dishes that taste as good as they look. This is Citrus season in the US of A and there is no dearth of varieties available in the market. This citrus salad has 3 ingredients - 4 different varieties of oranges, crumbled Feta Cheese and a chiffonade of basil. I'd have paid a kings ransom to get hold of a sweet lime to make it a 5 citrus salad, but no luck. Sweet limes just aren't available Stateside. From the center - Blood orange, Cara Cara, Tangerines and a regular Navel orange. Here's the link to the recipe I've posted on Food52.
Clockwise from 12 o' clock: Tangerine, Blood Orange, Navel, Cara Cara.

L-R: Navel, Tangerine, Cara Cara, Blood Orange


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