Jan 17 - Stir fried Edamame with coconut

For all the 'popularity' of Soy (or SOYA as they call it) protein nuggets available for the longest time in Indian groery stores. I'd never seen fresh Soy pods (edamame) sold in the local markets ever. In fact it wasn't after I'd moved to the US of A that I even discovered what a dried soy bean looked like. For a nation that treasures its many culinary dishes involving green peas, Edamame is still a rarity in common Indian households, confined to the freezer aisles of high end food purveyors like Food Hall.

Edamame can be used exactly like any other hydrated legume in Indian cooking, Here , its been sauteed with a seasoning of mustard, cumin, Arbol chile and fresh coconut, Finish with a spritz of fresh lime and you have a delicious light healthy snack that satisfies totally!


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