Jan 22 - Paal Poli

The dish traditionally known as 'Paal Poli' looks nothing like this. In fact personally, I think it looks as deeply unappetizing as delicious as it tastes. It basically consists of  deep fried sheets of dough, soaked in sweetened milk spiced with cardamom and saffron. Given that it was a dish served up on special occasions, I've always wondered how folks scarfed down this treat with their fingers, given that it would probably have been served on a banana leaf.. Aah well, not going to dwell upon it.

The technique for my version is the same, deep fried discs of dough, but layered with saffron & cardamom scented cream. I just dip the fried discs into the sweetened milk to soften them before layering. It is my own south Indian version of Mille-Feuille!

It seems like my old photographs from my blog post with the recipe's have vanished, but I found a pinned image from the original post here that I repinned to my own site!


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