Jan 25 - Amsani Batatey (Sweet & Sour potatoes)

A friend of mine introduced me to a classic potato dish from the Konkan region of India - Amsani batatey.

Sweet and Sour potatoes - and when you add a dash of heat, and savory, it truly becomes a dish to die for. To make this, I first let the potatoes cook half way through in a cast iron wok covered tight with a lid. The 'steam' from the potatoes inherent moisture ensured a soft center. and then with a magnanimous swish of oil and the heat turned on to high, the surface turns a golden brown. at this point add a generous amount of a spice blend consisting of powdered coriander, cumin, aamchur, tomato powder (for a spectacular Umami effect), paprika and a pinch of cayenne) and coconut or palm sugar. Let the sugar melt in the heat. This helps coat the potatoes. And yes a drizzle of lime can never hurt!.


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