Jan 8 - Jarred Caprese Salad

Yes, at first glance anything in a Mason Jar looks cute, but there is a certain 'plus' to eating certain salads out of a glass mug, and these are usually the ones that do not involve too much green leaves. I like my Caprese salad soaking in the juices from the fresh tomatoes (I used heirloom indigo reds in this recipe) , EVOO and the balsamic. It entices traces of residual whey from the fresh mozzarella to sneak out for a tete a tete with the other liquids. the net result is a delicious 'pot liquor' that I relish gulping down after the last chiffonade of basil has been extracted and eaten. Try slurping the dressing off a salad plate and you'll see what I mean! (applies only to those times when you have the luxury of being all alone with your food, Do not try this with guests, unless they're like minded!)


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