Jan 9 - Kale, Broccoli & Radish Sprouts Paratha

As much as I love a classic dish as the 'Mooli Paratha' (parathas made with a daikon radish filling, or the shredded vegetable kneaded into the dough) It never ceases to be a challenge to prep. Even if you think you've squeezed out all the liquid you possibly can from the shredded rood, it still ends up making your dough squelchy by the time you get around to rolling out the third paratha. And of course, the taste - after all the effort, there is no guarantee for the spicy horseradish flavor to be retained in the final paratha.

One serendipitous discovery at the Union square greenmarket completely solved the issue. There is a stall there that sells sprouted seeds of cruciferous produce such as kale, radish, broccoli. These tiny specimens pack a punch of the spicy horseradish heat without the liquid content. They're tiny enough to just dump the entire contents out into the flour and knead into a dough. and the best part? the parathas freeze beautifully.


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