Feb 12 - Mung bean sprouts chaat salad.

These steamed mung sprouts were left over from a session of making 'Dahi batata puri' the limiting rate for that dish is the number of puffed puris that you buy. Once those are gone, there invariably remains a surfeit of steamed sprouts, boiled potatoes, chopped tomatoes and cucumber. and they come together to create this lip smacking, flavorful salad.

2016 has been declared by the United Nations as the 'Year of the Pulses' in the hopes of raising awareness of the nutritional and eco-friendly benefits of consuming these vegetarian protein sources. The sky is literally the limit when it comes to Pulse potential. as many recipes as you can think of by soaking and boiling, there is almost an equal number for the sprouted counterpart. Allowing the seeds to sprout the 'root' increases its nutritonal value many fold.


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