Feb 14 - Frangipane Jamuns

Making Badam Halwa is a family tradition for Diwali, but this year, somehow I ended up soaking large amounts of almonds and never got to the Halwa part. Needed to use them up and while my first thought was to make a Pear & Frangipane (almond pastry cream) tart, my kid asked for Gulab Jamuns & I ended up with a fabulous new creation - Frangipane Jamuns in a hibiscus and rose infused syrup.

While Gulab Jamuns are probably one of India's favorite desserts, it isn't often that they get tweaked in an artisanal sense for the better. I spotted one such recipe from Chef Jehangir Mehta where he had steeped the Jamuns in a beautiful pink colored  Hibiscus infused syrup. That sounds like an ingredient that a chef would have stocked up on nonchalantly, No you certainly don't expect to pop into the nearest grocery and pick up some dried hibiscus, (unless you live in the same block as Kalustyans in New York City), so whats a mommy blogger to do? Well, if you happen to be fond of herbal teas, go ahead and use it, may of them may just contain some fabulous fragrant flavors. I infused a spoonful of Teavanas Sakura Allure tea with the sugar syrup and it paired perfectly with the Almond gulab jamuns. The best of both worlds.


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