Feb 5 - Avial with Red and Purple rice

Lets be clear, Avial remains in the top slots of comfort foods in most South Indian households, cobbled up for almost any auspicious occasion. In that sense, today's post is not about showcasing a new dish. In fact, it may be borderline tongue in cheek, because, in the name of full disclosure, this particular photograph was of leftovers from the previous nights dinner.
Not many realize the unique flavor of pairing this dish with red or forbidden rice. Red rice was a staple of Kerala food before the machine polished rice swamped the market. The pairing just seems natural, the toothy mouthfeel of the rustic red rice and the soothing flavor and aroma of the coconut sauce. For a contrast, I also incorporated some cooked purple forbidden rice to the mix. My lunch that day was as delicious as it looked!


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