Mar 10 - Rice Grits Upma with fresh Black eyed peas

I found these rather stunted looking yard long beans at the local India grocery and for some reason they looked a bit too fibrous for my taste,  even though I went ahead and bought some, Turns out they were pods of green immature black eyed peas. So the next tiem around,  I got the kids to help me out. They are not exactly well versed in the art of picking good specimens, so instead I asked them to pick out all the yellowing, dry & fattest pods in the basket. Before I knew it, I had enough fresh green black eyed peas to use.
I found these Bob's Red Mill grits at my local Wegmans when I went hunting for ingredients to make Kalie (a traditional prasad offered to Lord Shiva) . The remaining grits were transformed into a hearty breakfast upma along with the fresh BEP. Using preserved chilies adds a smoky heat to the dish.


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