Mar 21 - kothmir vadi with cornmeal and semolina

More than a dish for its ethnic value, I made these lovely squares of panfried herby deliciousness as a way of testing flours not typically found (or even worse grotesquely mis labeled) . While Cornmeal is used in the Punjab for making 'Makki di roti', Semolina as its sold in the US of A is unfortunately assumed to be 'Rava' in common Indian parlance, completely off. Rava is probably best described as 'cream of wheat'  whereas Semolina is a yellowish coarse flour that is almost indistinguishable visually from yellow cornmeal.

Kothmir Vadi is a traditional Maharashtrian dish made with a profusion of cilantro steamed into cakes with chickpea flour. Yes, I'm aware that for a segment of the poplulation, I may as well be selling saop in this post. but for those folks who love cilantro. Its a dream of a dish come true.


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