Mar 7 - Asparagus Pitlai

Spring is definitely in the air, you just know it when the kids are all excited about wearing shorts to school even as the mommy instinct in you still wants to wrap them up in layers of warm clothing. And sure enough, the first of the 'pick your own' spring produce will probably begin popping out of the earth in a few weeks.
Asparagus in my definition, is the best and most versatile vegetable that traditional South Indian food never had. It a rarity in India, the only specimens I've seen are stringy specimen picked and shipped halfway across the world and probably a couple of weeks old.
 The first of the Asparagus recipes on this years dish a day - Asparagus Pitlai, The vegetables are braised in a toasted coconut and lentil spice blend with tamarind and tomatoes. Here's the link to the recipe.


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