Apr 15 - Savory Neer Moar Sorbet

Today happens to be the religious festival of Ram Navami, celebrating the birth of Ram, the Seventh Avatar of Lord Vishnu. In South India, this event is 'culinarily' celebrated with offerings of a pair of beverages, Panakam - A spicy earthy 'lemonade' spiced with dried ginger & Cardamom and sweetened with 'Gud' / Jaggery. The other beverage is 'Meer Moar'  -  a diluted buttermilk spiced with curry leaf, green chilli, lime and ginger. A perfect duo of thirst quenchers for the summer heat.
My version of Neer moar happens to be a chilled sorbet (more of a granita texture actually) that takes the flavors and experience up a notch, the Neer Moar Sorbet.
Here's the link to the recipe.


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