Apr 2 - Thai green curry with gluten

Gluten Free seems to be the go to Mantra these days and its rather easy to find that a lot of vegetarian entrees effortlessly fit into this 'cool' slot. As much as I take the effort to label my dishes to emphasize the lack of gluten, I personally am grateful that no one in my family has an intolerance to this protein. In fact I love seitan and baked gluten especially in dishes from the Far East.
I love making Green curry from first principle whenever I get fresh Kaffir lime leaves. This was  NOT one of those days. So used readymade curry paste fried in toasted sesame oil and added coconut milk. I then Sauteed the cubed baked gluten along with mushrooms , baby bok choy and snow peas. Added the spiced coocnut milk and served this up with rice noodles. and yes, generoud garnish of fresh chopped Thai basil.


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