Apr 4 - Moath Dal

Moath dal -  you'll see these labeled as 'Moth' dal in the Indian groceries , and considering that they could pass off for some giant form of moth eggs in appearance, I try not to let my imagination run wild with visions of giant caterpillars popping out! - Grossed out yet? Hope not!
Moath dal are legumes from the same family as adzuki bean and black eyed peas. They have that same mild vegetal flavor (in comparison to their hearty cousins the kidney bean family) and tend to cook  fast without soaking, making them ideal candidates for a quick stew to be paired with roti or plain rice.
The cooking times are similar to those of whole lentils, this particular recipe called for a tempering of cumin in ghee, sauteing thinly sliced onions, tomato paste, garam masala and the cooked beans. (I usually tend to throw out the water that they were boiled in, but you could add vegetable stock if you wish.


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