April 6 - Ugli Fruit salad

For all the citrus varieties that flood the market in Winter here in the USA, as human nature goes, I end up longing for the ONE variety of citrus that does not show up. I'm referring to the 'Mosambi' or sweet limes that are available in India. These fruits are mild, sweet have all the aroma of citrus minus any trace of tartness.
The closest in flavor that I found in my local grocery are these rather 'beauty challenged' knobbly citrus that are now marketed as 'Uniq fruit' , no doubt to mask the the leathery citron like appearance of the peel. In reality, the peel is rather loose skinned and peels off with  the ease of a mandarin or clementine, revealing golden yellow flesh, mild and flavorful. the best part, they can be peeled off and separated easily by hand, unlike oranges that are best dealt with a knife.

This is an easy peasy salad tossed together w/o much ado, just toss in a handful of Nicoise olives,  feta and some basil, and there you have it. I like to add fresh crushed peppercorns for a little added bite.


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