May 12 - Savory chickpea flour Churros

I would probably call this a 'mother' component to as many dishes as you can imagine. This particular set in the photograph, did not adhere to any recipe proportions, just Chickpea flour (Besan), salt, paprika and a generous amount of dried thyme leaves (the herb, not the bishops weed ajwain), heated up some oil in a cast iron skillet, a small deep one, and extruded the entire lot to be fried. (Not crisp, but soft and chewy), what was originally supposed to be a sample to my son to get his opinion on flavors and proportions, he ended up asking for a whole plate of it to be dipped in ketchup and snacked on it.
I used some of this as a 'pakoda' in a plain masoor dal and made a 'bhel' with sweet & savory chutneys, diced cucumbers, tomatoes and onion. and have frozen some more for future use.


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