May 18 - Oatmeal Dollar dosai

The life span of a combined idli / dosa batter is 3 days, Day 1 after fermentation makes for perfect fluffy idlies, the next day, the batter has acquired enough tanginess to be made into lacy dosais. On the third day, the yeast colony has pretty much killed itself with the acid its belched out and the airiness from the whipped Urad dal part of the batter has pretty much deflated. At this point I usually add a cup of quick cooking oats to the mix and make tiny pancake dosais for the school lunches, plain for my daughter, topped with any vegetable, herbs or spice blend that catches my fancy at the moment. This particular set was a mix of golden and purple cauliflower, shredded into a fine couscous, along with some fresh cilantro.


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