May 4 - Fingerling potato fry with rice flour

May not be the best looking photograph I've clicked. (what do you expect with a dish sizzling on the stove with 2 bright halogen lamps glaring directly above?) but this has to be my all time favorite way to prepare a potato. I even patiently go through peeling these tiny peewee potaotes one by one. the effort is well worth it.
The classic South Indian Potato roast is a tambrahm favorite. Seasoned with turmeric, asafetida and plenty of chili powder (I use paprika, so that I can get the vivid red tinge without the heat). the secret to making them 'crunch' without drowning them in smoking oil is to add a tablespoon of rice flour, which then caramelizes and inherits some of the flavors of the spices. 


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