Jun 11 - Malvani Brussels sprouts

I source some of my spices from fellow bloggers, and I would never ever revert to store brand equivalents ever.  One such source for me is Annaparabrahma, a blog and boutique operation run by Anjali Koli, and her spice blends are to die for,  Fresh as can be, its about as close to scooping the blend from the mortar and pestle as someone is pounding it!.
This was a dish from a previous years thanksgiving. I marinaded the brussels sprouts with a mixture of olive oil and Malvani Masala (a spice blend specific to the Malvan region of Maharashtra), and subjected it to the usual oven treatment. (25 minutes at 450 F), the result, a delicious popcorn like snack that my son and I fought for!


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