Jul 9 - Quick fix Caprese sandwich

I love buying baguettes just because they represent everything fresh bread should be, Crusty , with a soft chewy crumb and the incomparable aroma of yeast. Its a high picking out the warmest loaf at the grocery, inhaling the aroma and adding it to your cart.... and then it goes downhill from there.
Forget those romantic images of beret wearing gorgeous French women walking home with a paper bag of groceries with the top of the baguette peeking out, in real life, the loaf is doomed as soon as it hits the boot of the car. The huge head of cabbage you picked up will invariably escape out of the bag & head directly towards said loaf and 'knee' it perfectly, so that when you retrieve the groceries, the baguette will have reshaped itself to something resembling a Verizon logo. so much for perfectly oblong slices of bruschetta for supper.

When this happens, I just cut up the loaf into rectangles, and whip up Caprese sandwiches for the family, Fresh Basil picked from the veggie patch, seasonal heirloom tomatoes, chunky slices of mozzarella. Just drizzle generously with EVOO and cracked peppercorns, you have a snack worthy of royalty. Balsamic -optional.


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