Aug 14 - Ammini 'kozhakattai' payasam

Tomorrow (today if you're on Indian Standard Time) is Aug 15 - The Indian Independence day, No matter where you are settled in the world, Aug 15 always evokes a sense of pride, a loyalty to the land that shaped you into the human being that you've become.
 Of course this calls for a special dish to celebrate, This was a rice dumpling kheer that I'd made some time back, the tiny morsels are known as Ammini Kozhakattai in Tamil, Usually rolled into Marble sized spheres between the palms, I decided to think outside the palms & into the piping bag, and the kozhakkatai will never be the same again Chez moi!
Here's the link to the  recipe.

Wishing everyone a Happy Independence day.. JAI HIND!


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