Aug 4 - Simple Quesadillas with green and red Salsa

My kids sometimes think I have some sort of culinary magic wand that I can wave and 'ACCIO' any cuisine that they fancy. As ridiculous as it may be at times (like expecting idlies on a whim), sometimes I manage to codge up some pretty decent offerings with ingredients sourced from multiple sources.. (the last bits of shredded pepperjack, that been hanging around too long in the refrigerator, the bag of whole wheat organic tortillas in the freezer) and two different salsas (serrano & roasted red pepper) picked up at Trader Joe's simply because we couldn't decide which type to pick.

And yes, coupled with the kids fascination for grill marks from my new Staub grill pan, its a riot to make these for Brunch and it kaes less time than it would to make a grilled cheese sandwich.


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