Day 366 - 'Daal Chawal' (Rice & plain daal)

'Daal Chawal' (Rice & plain daal)
Its been wonderful spending 2012 with all of you who've enjoyed viewing this blog as much as I enjoyed posting on it daily. I couldn't have completed this 366 day project otherwise.

A big thanks to my fellow bloggers & Foodie buddies for your unwavering support:  Manisha of 'Indian Food Rocks', Siri  of 'Cooking with Siri' , Pavithra (Dishes from my Kitchen), Shyamala (Food, In the Main), Sadhana (, Ozoz (, Lata (Flavors and Tastes), Ammini Ramachandran (, Sala (Veggie Belly),  Chef Raghavan Iyer, Chef Suvir Saran, Monica Bhide ( A life of spice),  Sandeepa (Bongmomcookbook), Dhivya (, Anu (Allergy Foodie), Soma (, Cynthia (The Solitary Cook)..and each and everyone else I may have missed out here.

Wishing all of you a wonderful 2013


  1. Posting a recipe every single day for an year is not at all an easy task Niv and you did this so beautifully! :-)

    Hearty Congratulations. *pat on your back*.

    Wishing you a very Happy and Joyous 2013 ahead.

  2. Thanks Siri.. You're THE person I owe this exercise to. Thanks for being such a fab inspiration!

  3. Congrats, Niv! This was a very creative interpretation of the 365 project! And the result? A treasure trove of recipes!


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