Day 2 - Masala Moscow Mule (Booze & Cocktails)

Jan 2: 'Masala Moscow Mule'

Ever since I tried out Amanda Hesser's recipe for Moscow Mule on Food52, Its been a firm favorite of mine, My own twist is by using a Vodka infused with the same spices used for Masala Chai ( Cardamom, Ginger, cloves, Pepper & Cinnamon...).To add an Indian touch, I rimmed the glass with traditional 'Shakar' (Powdered Jaggery sugar).

Masala Moscow Mule: (1 serving)

You need:
2 oz Masala Chai spice infused Vodka*
4 oz Ginger beer
Juice of 1/2 a lime
Plenty of ice
strips of citrus zest for Garnish

Rub a piece of lime peel around the rim of a 8 oz glass and coat the rim with sugar.
Fill the glass with ice and add the lime juice.
Combine the Vodka & Ginger beer and pour into the glass.
Garnish with a strip of citrus peel.

*: Chai spice infused Vodka:


  1. Love this. Can this be made ahead of time?

    1. The Ginger beer tends to lose its fizz if made ahead. But its a snap to make in large quantities quickly.

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