Day 33 - 'Kokum Cara' (Booze & Cocktails)

This is a variation on the classic Screwdriver. Made with Vodka infused with 'Kokum' . A fruit related to the Mangosteen, the rind is used as a souring agent in traditional dishes from Western India. I'd infused some vodka with the dried leathery (& lightly salted) rind last year and it finds a wonderful use in this cocktail. To make the infusion simply drop 8-10 pieces of dried kokum (they're available at the local Indian grocery, look out for the ones without the seeds) into a small 1/2 L glass bottle containing vodka. Allow to infuse for a week before straining out the bits. The name of the cocktail is a nod to the fact that I used freshly squeezed juice from Cara Cara oranges.

Kokum Cara (makes one 8.0 oz. serving)

You need:

2 oz kokum infused vodka
1 oz Rose's lime cordial
1 oz triple sec
juice of 1 Cara Cara orange
a pinch of fresh cracked black pepper

Combine the vodka, lime cordial, triple sec, ice and black pepper in a cocktail shaker. Shake well and pour out into a chilled glass. Top with the fresh squeezed juice. Garnish with a slice of orange. Serve Chilled.


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