Day 87 - Green tamarind relish

Puliyogare or tamarind rice is one of the holy trinity of classic South Indian rice dishes, the others being Lime rice & the grandaddy of all rice dishes, Yogurt rice. The first step to making tamarind rice is of course making the tamarind relish that is folded into rice drizzled liberally with EVSO (Extra Virgin Sesame oil).
The version I'm posting this time around is made with green tamarind pods. These pods have a woody peel, that is a pain to peel or scrape off. Once you get that task out of the way, more than 1/2 the weight is the seeds that have to be discarded. In other words, a mountain of compost heap material for a mole hill of tamarind.
I'll have the recipe link posted in the next 24 hrs.


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