Day 131 - Vegetable rice with Thai Basil

Had an absolutely divine Mother's Day dinner cooked by my husband Ganesh & Ishaan, my 8 year old. Not sure who was the exec chef & who was the sous chef.. But they sure came up with a fabulous fried rice. Stir fried Baby corn, peppers, carrots, zucchini, garbanzo & rice flavored expertly with Thai basil (Ishaan's input) and a hint of green chili! with some simple raita to pair the rice with. Thanks to my two men for an unforgettable meal. Rounded out with a frozen mango margarita.

I may never know the details about this recipe since I was kicked out of my own kitchen while dinner was being made. But if I ever get to recreate the wonderful flavors, I shall definitely share it. Until then, I intend to fully revel in the marvelous memory thereof.


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