Day 170 - Mixed Berry Margarita

Who said Margaritas have to be served up in those traditional broad flared out glasses. The informal pleasure of guzzling out of a Mason Jar mug  is unbeatable. The mugs are available from Urban
This was a free form Margarita I cobbled up for last Friday evening. As much as I would have liked this to be a frozen drink, it did not happen. Reason: frozen berries are riddled with seeds that have an unpleasant texture and had to be strained out.

You need: (makes 2 12 oz servings as shown or 4 normal 6 oz drinks)
1 small bag frozen Organic mixed Berries (~ 400-500 gms)
4 fl oz Tequila
4 fl oz Triple sec
Juice of 2 limes
Ice as needed
Generous sprinkles of chaat masala or shikanji masala

Combine the tequila and the triple sec with the frozen berries and blend until the berries are completely reduced to slush. Strain into a container and discard the seeds and residual pulp. Stir in the lime juice and chaat masala and pour out into glasses. Add ice to top up and serve chilled.
I'm entering this drink for the Indian Food Bloggers meet in collaboration with Urban Dazzle.


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