Day 184 - Bread 'Pizza'

My 8 year old probably still believes that Mommy is capable of whipping up Pizza & Lasagna from first principles within 1/2 an hour of his request (Its another story that he loves watching the Garfield show on TV, now that the summer holidays have rolled in).

Well, this is the best I can whip up in 15 minutes (a technique from my college days sometime in the previous century, when there was no concept of an oven at home. I'd brush slices of bread with melted ghee, top it up with thin slices of bell pepper and shreds of the only cheese available,a cheddar cheese from Amul. 'Baked' on a cast iron skillet that was covered with a lid. Ketchup provided the tomatoes.

I've come a long way since, The cheese is a shredded Pizza blend, the sauce and peppers are organic, and the bread is artisanal. But the familiar comfort factor is still the same as I toast these on low heat and let the cheese melt to perfection. Traditions passed on to the next generation!


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