Feb 2 - Parathas with Snow Pea Greens

Who says green parathas can only be made of spinach or fenugreek? a.k.a the beloved Palak/methi paratha? Snow Pea shoots are perfect for this bread. Just pick off the leaves and lightly wilt before kneading into the dough. This paratha has an added flavoring of powdered coriander, cumin, cayenne and dried pomegranate powder.

There are two types of parathas - the filled/stuffed ones where you roll out the bread after carefully enveloping the dough around the filling, and the second kind is where you knead the ingredient of choice into the flour while making the dough. the most well known of the first groups are the potato, cauliflower and lentils stuffed parathas. while the latter category does best with grated and lightly sauteed vegetables such as carrots & golden beets. Mooli or Daikon radish is the tricky ingredient here, but I've taken care of that totally by substituting Radish microgreens which yields the same sharp flavor without all the problems of leaching liquid.


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