Feb 23 - Uthappam mini muffins

The life cycle of dosa/idli batter follows a strict protocol unless it gets used up early. The first day post fermentation is of course reserved for Idli - fluffy steamed rice & lentil cakes. The second is the day of the dosa, crisp crepes served up with any number of sides as you please. By the third day, the batter tends to sour up and it usually ends up as uthappam, mixed with finely shredded vegetables & onions.
If there occurs such an event as the batter left over on the fourth day, its pretty much useless and beyond redemption. The yeast is already killed off by the acidity and the carbon dioxide has basically deserted the dregs of the batter. And that's where today's dish comes in. Read all about it in the recipe link!


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