May 20 - Yukon gold Potato with Fenugreek greens

Depending upon the type off potato used a classic simple dish such as this will taste different in ways that still amazes me. waxy fingerlings tend to be buttery and almost aloof from the greens, whereas Russets  almost turn powdery by the time the fenugreek greens have lost their raw aroma. (yes, these greens HAVE to spend some time cooking, rather unpalatable if you try and attempt a hipster presentation and use them raw)

This dish was made using Yukon gold potatoes peeled diced and parboiled half way with turmeric for that bright color, then let the surfaces brown in a cast iron skillet before adding the greens, covering and cooking them, there will invariably be some clumping of the spices with the residual starch from the potatoes, and these dark bits make for the tastiest morsels in the finished dish.


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