Jun 1 - Calabaza pumpkin Pav Bhaji

The iconic Pav bhaji is typically reliant on Potatoes for its bulk, Maybe its because potatoes are cheaper, have a longer shelf life before being cooked up, I don't know.. I love trying new ingredients for Pav bhaji, but there is something so crucial about the texture and mouthfeel that determines whether I would repeat the formula again, Potatoes when mashed up completely have a texture that cannot be replicated with cauliflower, it either becomes a velvety puree or the florets stay grainy, same issue with carrots which additionally add a sweet note to the bhaji.
I found the Calabaza pumpkin to be a great sub for the potatoes, not as sweet as the carrots, but also has a consistency similar to what potatoes would be when mashed up. An added bonus, a vibrant orange color.


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