May 2 - Kolhapuri Kefir Kadhi

Its not like I actively seek out and tear my grey matter trying to come up with new dishes to feed the family daily. This was a classic example of making do with whatever is around. The main dish for the day was char fried eggplants stuffed with a spicy onion garlic spice blend. I have this fantastic stash direct from Kolhapur, thanks to an old school friend, Sangeeta  who runs a fabulous resort in the city. I store it double bagged airtight in the freezer and use it whenever I get the right produce to showcase the masala with.

whatever was left over of Kolhapuri masala which was combined with peanut butter & sathu flour from stuffing the eggplants was then whipped into a bowl of Kefir and then simmered to create this kadhi. the deep color from the Kolhapuri chilies tones down to give the dish its beautiful peach colored hue.


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